Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tech requirements for Parrot?

ParrotASR requires Google based email account to log in, and a computer running a 64 bit version of Windows 10 or 11 Professional, Enterprise, or Education.
We recommend a machine that has an Intel i7 4 core processor, a 256 GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM or more. Secure Transcript Solutions also works with experienced vendors offering laptops preinstalled with everything needed to run Parrot.

How much does Parrot cost?

Pricing varies depending on individual client needs. Cost is rated per page, but includes training and tech support 8am — 6pm EST, Monday through Friday. Please email us at to schedule a time to talk about our pricing structure.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer financing to assist with costs related to software and equipment.

Where can I use Parrot?

Parrot can be used for both in person and online recordings. Parrot uses ASIO compatible microphones and is fully integrated with Zoom. Parrot does not require internet to run, so you can use it fully remote!

What do I need to make Parrot work with Zoom?

Parrot needs an audio mixer to communicate with Zoom — think of this like a wire plugging the two programs together. This audio mixer can be a physical hardware or a digital software you install on your computer. For software, we recommend VoiceMeeter, a free, easy to use program. For hardware, we work with experienced audio vendors to build you an audio kit specific to your needs. For more information, please contact us at

I need to transcribe audio and video files, will Parrot work for me?

Yes! Parrot offers two types of transcription- instant and deferred. Both provide a live view of the audio being transcribed.

Instant transcription is what someone in the court room would use; it captures audio and transcribes it immediately during the deposition.  

Deferred transcription is what a transcriptionist/videographer would primarily use. A deferred transcript allows a user to import an audio file, captured either by Parrot or another device, and transcribe with the speech engine after the fact. Deferred transcriptions take about the length of the audio recorded; a 30 minute audio file will take about 30 minutes to transcribe.

Parrot is able to take almost any audio file, including audio off of video formats such as .mp4. Note that we cannot take .trm files, as they are a proprietary file type.

Can I use Parrot with my CAT software?

Parrot is fully compatible with all CAT software and can output either steno or voisteno. Information taken in Parrot, such as speakers, events, Q/A, and reporter notes will be included in the transcript ported into your preferred CAT software. You will be able to take advantage of everything CAT software has to offer to complete your transcripts.

I don't have access to CAT software, can I still use Parrot?

If you do not have CAT software, Secure Transcript Solutions can provide rapid turnaround translation of your files to provide you with an .rtf file that can be used in any word processor.

What else does sTs provide?

Secure Transcript Solutions is dedicated to improving and giving back to the court reporting industry. To achieve this, Secure Transcript Solutions is making ParrotASR as streamlined, industry tailored, and user friendly as possible.

At Parrot, we will work directly with you to learn your transcription needs, and build your Parrot kit. Our US-based team keeps a tight client to employee ratio, providing you with personalized hands on support for any tech needs, Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm EST. We work regularly at building and updating our resources to make the ParrotASR experience as pleasant as possible, giving you the ease and autonomy to create efficient and accurate transcripts.

Does Parrot recommend any educational programs to become a digital reporter?

The Tri-C program with Cuyahoga Community College is currently the only program teaching Parrot. We worked very closely with them as they developed their digital reporter program. They’re located in the Cleveland area, and their program is fully remote.

How do I schedule a demo to see if Parrot is right for me?

Please email us at to learn more!