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Digital court reporting software by legal experts, for the legal industry

ParrotASR, developed by Secure Transcript Solutions, is a digital court reporting software and service that uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to produce highly accurate, verbatim legal transcripts. With a small team based 100% in the US, we’ve designed Parrot for ease of use, making your transcription process easy, fast, and precise.

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Capture the record wherever you are

Use Parrot during live proceedings or online with Zoom. Compatible with ASIO software and hardware, Parrot automatically detects speaker changes and captures individual and multi-channel audio. All while generating a live transcript – no internet connection needed!


Our automatic speech recognition gives you a live view of the transcription as it happens.

Unlike other transcription services, our 92-97% accuracy stat includes speaker identification, paragraphing, and unique job-related terminology. You know exactly what you're getting with Parrot.

Our Program Tools

Made with the user in mind, easily

- assign and edit speakers
- create custom vocabulary
- shift between QA and colloquy
- create and insert events
- add notations
- do readbacks

All while navigating using just the keyboard- no mouse necessary.

Our File Output

Parrot outputs to RTF/CRE, meaning users can edit their final transcript in a word processor or import directly into any CAT software.

Use custom layouts, block files, formats, take advantage of audiosync with ParrotASR-generated files, or edit collaboratively inside your CAT translated file.

Built with you in mind, by industry experts

Secure Transcript Solutions was established by court reporting industry veterans. We maintain a tight support to client ratio, allowing us to provide hands-on installation, training, and personalized support by representatives that understand you and your unique needs. We’re constantly updating and improving ParrotASR, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal. 

Audio Timeline in ParrotASR

Why Go Digital?

It’s no secret that the court reporting industry is at a crossroads. While stenography schools close down, demand for legal transcription remains constant. 
Get ahead of the curve and grow your business by incorporating digital reporting into your work.

1. Quick Training and Deployment

Working hands on with our support team means experienced reporters can be ready to go in a matter of weeks.

2. Keep Your Existing Workflow

Parrot outputs files fully importable to CAT software. Digital reporters can use the same tools (and scopists!) as stenos and voice writers.

3. Decrease Turnaround & Increase Output

ParrotASR makes it possible to quickly generate a rough draft at the end of your job. That means more time editing and less time transcribing.

At ParrotASR, we believe that accurately capturing and transcribing the record comes first—not the reporting modality. Properly trained digital reporters are necessary for the future of the court reporting industry.