What if you could...

What is Parrot?

Parrot is a digital reporting software and service that uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to produce a highly accurate, verbatim legal transcript. With Parrot, users can 

Record in-person or Zoom-based proceedings

Automatically track speaker changes

Monitor the live audio and ASR feeds

Mark shifts between colloquy and Q&A

Record reporter notes 

Enter events into the record Capture custom vocabulary

What makes Parrot different?

  Simply put, Parrot is not a square-peg, round-hole solution. It was specifically and thoughtfully designed for the legal market by a team of industry veterans who boast a combined 100+ years of experience in the court reporting profession.  
Our ASR.

Most transcription services cite error percentages based on the word error rate (WER) standard. WER does not measure speaker identifications, paragraphing, or punctuation. This makes WER an overall weak metric when comparing the fidelity of their results to the verbatim standards of legal documents. Parrot’s verbatim accuracy standards are based upon the error percentage compared to a verbatim legal transcript and include most punctuation, precise speaker identifications, paragraphing, and unique job-related terminology.

Our file output.

Parrot outputs to RTF/CRE, enabling users to leverage the powerful legal transcription tools already at their disposal. Users can edit their final transcripts in any word processor or translate their Parrot job directly in CAT software. Translating in CAT software offers unique and invaluable benefits, including 

Custom layouts and formatting

Audiosync with Parrot-generated audio files


Auto-includes and block files 

Automatic number conversion

Shared document collaborative editing

Our live monitoring

Parrot’s live monitoring provides instantaneous feedback of the recording directly to the user’s ears via headphones. We 100% guarantee that what you hear is exactly what’s being written to your computer’s hard drive. Users have the option to engage live monitoring at any point during the recording. Instant display of the ASR text adds an additional layer of quality assurance for users.