What if You Could...

How Does Parrot Work?

Step 1
You use our multi-channel ASR recording tool to capture individual speaker data, track speaker changes and Q&A, take notes, enter events, and update custom vocabulary.
Step 2
We produce a data-merged, audio-synchronized transcript complete with Q/A and speaker identification, importable directly into any CAT software or word processor.

What Is ASR?

ASR = automatic speech recognition

Parrot’s multi-channel recording tool identifies each speaker and converts their speech to text to generate a transcript with unparalleled accuracy.

WER Accuracy vs. Verbatim Accuracy 

Most transcription services cite error percentages based on the word error rate (WER) standard. WER doesn't measure speaker identification, paragraphing, or punctuation, making it an  overall weak metric when it comes to comparing the fidelity of their results to the verbatim standards we hold to in legal documents.

Parrot’s Verbatim Accuracy standards are based upon the error percentage compared to a verbatim legal transcript and include most punctuation, precise speaker identification, paragraphing, and unique job-related terminology.